Turn Yourself into a Musician.

iGotGroove is a one-of-a-kind software program that instantly transforms you into a musician with real-time improvisation.

Clap your hands, tap on your desk, and/or stomp with your feet before your PC, Mac or PDA.

With no additional device or software, you will hear melody notes through computer's speaker composed synchronously and accordingly to your input performance.

It's a Clapper the maestro based on our patented technologies being developed over decades.

See and Hear Yourself Online. ( free )

- Activate your Computer Speaker for Playback -

How It Works

A never-before experienced fun for virtually every generation, especially for kids. A product from a developer of professional music software programs. Press Kit
Educational Toy for Kids

Everything is timing. That is true with not only performing arts but also most likely everything else. iGotGroove lets kids experience the joy of rhythmic performance by allowing them to interactively create their own music in real-time. No musical training is required. Learn More.

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Any OS (w/ Flash Player)
Mac OS X

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